Questioning URLs

List of URLS that ask a question and return an answer in the body of the page.

Is Apple Silicon Ready?

Is My Computer on?

Is DMX in Jail?

Did Thanos Kill Me?

Is it Thursday?

Do Websites Need to Look Exactly the Same in Every Browser?

Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet?

Did the Tribe Win Last Night?

Is it Christmas?

Is xkcd Shitty Today?

Does Life Suck?

How Many People are in Space Right Now?

Has Hue Jackson Been Fired Yet?

Am I Awesome?

What Color is the Empire State Building?

How Many Days Since Montague Street Bridge has Been Hit?

Do I Have Swine Flu?

Is Mr Brightside Still in the Charts?

How Long Until Trump Leaves?

Is it April Fools?

Is it Time for a Nap?

How Much is a Bitcoin Worth?

Special Mentions

More sites that should be included

Is Today Friday the 13th?

Is There a List of Questioning URLs?


Feel free to make a pull request and add to this list! I use to make the screenshots.